Jonas Lekevicius

I am inventing on the internet. Previously a product designer, now independent maker building my own ideas.

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I host a weekly radio show about tech news. It’s in Lithuanian and called Du Bitai.

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My most successful project to date has been a game Infinite Loop, played by over 50 million players.

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I used to be a digital product designer.

I have co-founded Lemon Labs, an app design and development agency where we developed dozens of apps.

It was later acquired by Treatwell, where I worked as head of product design.

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I have been doing client work of all kinds — websites, apps, branding, games, magazines, videos — for over 15 years. Above are a couple of clients that I had pleasure to work with.

I am not available for any freelance or contract work.

Hi, this is me. 33 years old, living and creating in Vilnius, Lithuania. I’ve been both a designer and a developer — and still enjoy both.

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