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Timeful on an iPhone X

Timeful is a simple time tracking app designed for tracking everything you are doing 24/7, not just billable hours or client work.

Inspiration for this app comes from two places. First, Cortex podcast and CGP Grey’s and Mike’s discussions on their experiences of tracking activities 24/7 using apps not really designed for this. Second, my attempts to do the same, and seeing clear inefficiencies in apps like Toggl when it comes to continuous time tracking.

Timeful tracking is based on setting up visually identifiable common activities and starting them with a single tap. At a time only one activity can be running, so a previous one is automatically stopped. This makes it easy to track all the daily activities and switch them instantly.

Current version of Timeful was built in 24 hours during a 24hrStartup event and live streamed on Twitch. 24 hours is a very short time to launch a new product, so the current version is extremely limited. Bigger updates and native apps to come later.

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Tech Stack

  • Vue
  • VueX
  • Express
  • JWT
  • PostgreSQL